Monthly Archives: December 2013

My Top 12 Reasons to Run at Night

Honestly, I’m a solar powered runner, but here are the reasons I thought through while running with Fletcher tonight in support of running at night.
1. While tonight’s event was a second run for me coupled with today’s early morning run, running at night often keeps my streak alive.
2. Time is the second factor; later at night my time is my time for the most part, the later all the more so. The events of the day are done and my night time running is my time.
3. I like training when I know there’s almost no one else training-certainly not out in the country where I live. You can draw mental strength from the fact that you’re still willing to get out there and get your daily training in long past that point in the evening where most people (normal at least, ha ha) have packed it in until another day dawns.
4. Double yellow fever-I live in a very, very rural area and late at night I like to run on the double yellow stripe. I always know when traffic’s coming from either direction long before it gets to me and I feel like I’m getting away with something.
5. Night life. You see things at night that you just won’t see, certainly as often, during the day. We see deer all the time at night and all sorts of other night life.
6. If you want to pursue long distance ultrarunning events, 100K and longer, you’ve really got to train at night if you want to be successfull in those races.
7. Winter weather is almost always tougher and harsher at night. Not great while you’re running THAT night, but you can really draw mental and physical toughness from those winter training nights that pays off in tough races.
8. I still like moving through the woods at night.
9. I get some real use (and training) with my night gear like my headlamps, red lights, etc.
10. Running at night is more quality time with Fletcher the WonderDog.
11. It’s mostly quiet out there at night.
12. If you’re good at running at night, you can be a great runner during the day.
Marietta, NY