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February 2013 Training Notes

February US FlagFebruary 2013 has come and, thankfully, gone. Winter’s final full month is always the longest of the season for me and this year’s was no exception. There were a lot of lessons learned, or perhaps re-learned, over the course of 28 days.

With the month started in California due to work, I was running at a base altitude of 6000 feet in Lake Tahoe for a few days, I still spent the lion’s share of the month in central and northern New York. Lake Tahoe for training for work was terrific and I made it a solid running camp in my non-work time too. All my other work was home office in the Finger Lakes, (central-north New York) or on Fort Drum in northern New York. This wasn’t the coldest February on record, but winter seemed to be accompanied by a relentlessly withering wind that really lent an edge to outdoor physical training.

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